Biobased, Inclusive & Circular

  • Geldermans, R.J. (Participant)

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Many building materials and products that could qualify for a circular application face challenges in actually doing so. This is partly an organisational challenge and partly a technical one. With regard to the latter, there are concrete obstacles related to renewability and health of the material flows, manufacturing processes, joining techniques, and acoustic performance, amongst others. Within the Biobased, Inclusive & Circular (BIC) project, a modular wall component is developed that can cope with such challenges. In a co-creative Research-by-Design process with the project partners, a proof of concept emerged, based on existing innovations that obtain extra relevance in this new configuration. The main research question is: How can we generate an interior wall that is completely based on biobased material flows, performs circularly at material and product level, and has a strong emphasis on involvement, comfort and health of the user?
Effective start/end date1/09/2031/12/21


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