Power2Power : Next-generation silicon-based power electronics for decarbonisation in mobility, industry and grid

  • Bauer, P. (Principal Investigator (PI))
  • Qin, Z. (Co-Principal Investigator (CoPI))
  • Batista Soeiro, T. (Co-Principal Investigator (CoPI))
  • Wu, Y. (Participant)
  • Lyu, D. (Participant)

Project Details


The EU-funded project Power2Power gathers 43 partners from eight countries to develop silicon-based power semiconductors with increased power density and energy efficiency. These technologies will push the performance of a large number of applications, with a focus on industry, mobility, grid and renewable energy. Together, they will make a major contribution towards reducing carbon-dioxide emissions despite the world’s ever-increasing energy needs. Power2Power partners along the value chain (wafer-, semiconductor-, package-, system- and application-manufacturers) will establish pan-European pilot lines with advanced industry 4.0 aspects to develop innovative power electronics that are fit for the future. Here, the focus is on silicon, which outcompetes upcoming new materials because of its high reliability and excellent performance-price ratio. Power2Power will strengthen the predominant position of silicon-based power semiconductors on the worldwide market in the next decade
Short titlePower2Power
Effective start/end date1/06/1931/05/22


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