Safe-by-design Circular Products

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The objective of the project, ‘Safe-by-design Circular Products’, is to develop, test, and implement a method that enables the design of safe products that fit into a circular economy. Why? Because exposure to hazardous substances and substances of concern can have negative consequences on both humans and ecosystems. Therefore, product design should ensure that the release of or the exposure to these substances is eliminated.
Designing a product with circularity in mind can increase its level of complexity, as it involves different approaches to prolonging the life-cycle of a product. This can lead to new pathways that allow substances to be released or exposed (e.g. end-of-life treatments, product re-use in other contexts, prolonged degradation). Solutions for this are often context sensitive and can involve trade-offs between substances and materials used in product designs and their environmental impacts. The solutions may also depend on a compromise between societal values, such as human health, ecosystem health, safety, justice, and prosperity. Therefore, ‘Safe-by-design Circular Products’ will focus on a number of specific cases (hospital mattresses, coloured monitors, silicone bakeware, and biodegradable polymers in packaging) that pose a diversity of challenges.
Effective start/end date1/09/231/09/27


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