2020: A Year without Public Space under the COVID-19 Pandemic

Luisa Bravo (Producer), Hendrik Tieben (Producer), Lance Jay Brown (Other), Davisi Boontharm (Other), Josefine Fokdal (Other), Tigran Haas (Other), M.G.A.D. Harteveld, Mona Helmy (Other), Fiona Hillary, Jeff Hou, Kevin Hsu, Timothy Jachna (Other), Min Jay Kang, Merham Keleg (Other), Astrid Ley (Other), Setha Low, Michael Mehaffy (Other), Alessandro Melis, Gregor H. Mews Mews, Fabiano MicocciMaggie McCormick, Manfredo Manfredini, Miquel Marti Casanovas (Other), Vikas Mehta, Miodrag Mitrasinovic, Estanislau Roca (Other), Luis Alfonso Saltos Espinoza (Other), Laura Sobral, Darko Radović (Other), Vaso Trova, Charles R. Wolfe (Other)

Research output: Non-textual formDigital or Visual ProductsProfessional


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