Algorithms and Values in Justice and Security

Paul Hayes, Ibo van de Poel, Marc Steen

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This article presents a conceptual investigation into the value impacts and relations of algorithms in the domain of justice and security. As a conceptual investigation, it represents one step in a value sensitive design based methodology (not incorporated here are empirical and technical investigations). Here, we explicate and analyse the expression of values of accuracy, privacy, fairness and equality, property and ownership, and accountability and transparency in this context. We find that values are sensitive to disvalue if algorithms are designed, implemented or deployed inappropriately or without sufficient consideration for their value impacts, potentially resulting in problems including discrimination and constrained autonomy. Furthermore, we outline a framework of conceptual relations of values indicated by our analysis, and potential value tensions in their implementation and deployment with a view towards supporting future research, and supporting the value sensitive design of algorithms in justice and security.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)533-555
Number of pages23
JournalAI&Society: the journal of human-centered systems and machine intelligence
Issue number3
Publication statusPublished - 2020


  • AI
  • Algorithms
  • Ethics
  • Justice
  • Responsibility
  • Security
  • Value sensitive design
  • Values


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