Architectural thinking in practice: A qualitative study of architectural practice seen from the view point of a refl ective practitioner

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    The departure point for the research is the everyday life of practitioners. The position is that the thinking and crafts of architects in the field of practice has not been seen as a valuable body of knowledge in projects, where large pragmatic, political and social factors are at work. The aim of the dissertation is to demonstrate this type of knowledge. It is the belief that the formalisation of practice as a knowledge platform will be of notable value to practising architects in the development of projects, in the education of students in architecture, and for people outside the architectural field, who seek a deeper understanding of the qualities of the profession, and what it is that architects have to offer, not least in the decision-making process. The purpose of the title »Architectural Thinking in Practice« is to communicate that the aim of the dissertation is to contribute to the architectural discourse in two ways; 1. - By adding the perspective of practice, 2. - By looking at architecture as a knowledge - and thought - field rather than as a building. It is related to a discussion of the architectural discipline and how practice is performed, and to the fact that there are different ways architects think in practice (from preparing, planning, testing and making to observing, reflecting, analysing, interpreting and evaluating but also presenting, debating, negotiating, communicating and collaborating), different practice forms (roles, responsibilities, areas of expertise), and different interpretations (attitudes and positions) in the field. The analytical work is a qualitative study of these variations in meaning…
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    • Delft University of Technology
    • Fretton, Tony, Supervisor
    • Avermaete, Tom, Supervisor
    Award date25 Sep 2018
    Publication statusPublished - 2018


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