Calibrated fibre optic Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS) data, Maisbich

WMJ Luxemburg, MC Westhoff

Research output: Other contributionProfessional


Explanation of the calibration procedure of the DTS derived temperatures in the Maisbich river, Luxembourg. Note that it only corrects offsets orriginating from the DTS device (Halo, Sensornet, UK). It does NOT correct for periods when the cable is not properly submerged in the stream. The DTS obtained temperatures were calibrated with five independent temperature loggers (TidbiT v2 Temp logger, HOBO, USA) located along the cable at 26, 395, 931, 1111 and 1270 m from the DTS desktop computer, respectively. Note that the investigated branch lies between 717 (V-notch weir Q3) and 1282 m (V-notch weir Q4) from the desktop computer. For each Tidbit temperature logger, which measured at a 6 min interval, a linear relation was determined between the DTS derived temperature and the difference between the TidbiT and DTS derived temperature for the period 4-Apr-2008 until 4-Dec-2008 (dT = a*T_DTS + b). For each Tidbit location a slope (a) and an offset (b) was determined: Tidbit Distance(m) a b T coolbox 26 -1.31 0,0974 T road 395 -0.49 0,0664 T Mai171u 931 -0.69 0,122 T Mai11u 1111 -0.25 0,109 T Q4-2 1270 -0.056 0,0965 Then a lineair relation between distance from the DTS desktop computer and slope (a_slope + b_slope*X), and between distance from desktop computer and offset (a_offset + b_offset*X) was derived, resulting in an offset as a function of distance and DTS derived temperatures. Subsequently, this offset was added to the initial DTS derived temperatures. Tcal = T_DTS + ( a_slope + b_slope*X)T_DTS + (a_offset + b_offset*X) with: a_slope :0.085 b_slope :1.78e-005 a_offset:-1.16 b_offset:8.03e-004 In the last step the distance was reversed, with the upstream V-notch weir Q4 at 0 m. Only the part between V-notch weirs Q4 and Q3 (at 565 m) are shown.
Original languageEnglish
Media of output4TU Data Repository
Publication statusPublished - 2011


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