Characterisation of glass polishing waste samples

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The present work describes the characterisation of the two different polishing waste samples. The samples were analysed with laser particle size analyser, XRD, XRF, TGA, and SEM. In the sample A, a large amount of calcite (CaCO3) together with silica and aluminosilicates were observed with SEM. In the minerology, only CaCO3, CeO2 and LnO0.65F1.7 were found. In the sample B, very small amounts of impurities (<2%) were found. The particle size of sample B was decreased compared to it’s original polishing powder. CeO2 and LnO0.65F1.7 compounds were found in the XRD analysis.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages1
Publication statusPublished - 2017
EventERES 2017: 2nd European Rare Earth Resources Conference - Santorini, Greece
Duration: 28 May 201731 May 2017


ConferenceERES 2017: 2nd European Rare Earth Resources Conference

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