CMET report on the feasibility study on the informal or sector internal accreditation body: DELIVERABLE (D-N°:3.4) Work Package 3

M. Palmu, P. Oy, I. Paiva, Phil Vardon

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The purpose of this document is to address the potential feasibility of an informal or sector internal accreditation in geological disposal. This report on the implementation feasibility of such a system is the result of the discussion and actions carried out by the IGD-TP and Working group on Competence Maintenance, Education and Training (CMET). The main inputs are derived from the discussions within the group, the conference papers produced by the group members, and from the interactive forum carried out with the stakeholders at the IGD-TP's 5th Exchange Forum in October 2014. The aim of accreditation or more specifically the promotion of mutual recognitions of learning outcomes in geological disposal aims to provide European level value added for promoting mobility, quality of education and training and lifelong learning. The first step towards mutual recognition is the identification of learning outcomes needed to support the IGD-TP Vision "2025". The underlying framework that provides the basis for the views in this document is the discussion in the IGD-TP's SRA 2011 that in RD&D the needs are different at the different stages of the repository development. And that the maturity of the waste management programmes defines, which questions still require additional RD&D work for new knowledge, skills and potential competence creation prior the Vision 2025 is achieved. For several stages of the repository development, the identification of required learning outcomes would be feasible resulting from the long experiences in geological disposal RD&D. The outcome is that preparedness to implement such a system does not currently exist. The CMET working group, whose activities and discussions have resulted in this report, was established in 2012. The CMET working group has been supported under the FP7 SecIGD2 project with the EURATOM grant and with a direct contribution from the IGD-TP Executive Group members during 2013-2015. This document is a deliverable under the SecIGD2 project's Work Package 3 "Support for the development, implementation, and coordination of CMET, Task 3.2: Studying the feasibility of an informal or sector internal accreditation body within the IGD-TP for approving learning outcomes, which can then be applied to the various existing training schemes and concepts in geological disposal in Europe". The final contents of this report represent only the views of the authors coming from the CMET Working Group. The terminology used in this document is based on the CEDEFOP terminology1 (2008) and on the definitions of the Council Directives referred to in this document. Regarding this report please note the message from the IGD-TP Executive Group regarding this report: “The IGD-TP Executive Group acknowledges the work carried out in the CMET Group and recognizes the importance of Competence Maintenance for the sustainability of our activities. Actually, there is a need to maintain certain skills over very long timescales and for the need for knowledge capture from experienced experts. However, the IGD-TP EG considers that the accreditation scheme, as discussed during the EF5 and proposed in this report is not deemed to address WMOs‘ needs.As a consequence, the accreditation scheme is not endorsed by the IGD-TP EG. Thus, the content of this report should be seen as the acknowledgement of the CMET Group’s work and a SecIGD2 project product.”
Original languageEnglish
PublisherEU Commission
Number of pages41
Publication statusPublished - 2015


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