Common Life : LiAi research Report 2014-2015

A. Altes Arlandis, Josep Garriga, Joshua Taylor

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    Common Life is the theme of the third term of the MA programme at the "Laboratory of Immediate Architectural Intervention", taught at Umeå School of Architecture. The main course in the term is called "Architectural Intervention, Realization and Consequences" and it aims at enabling the students to adopt a more reflective approach after their first year, in order to start developing a position as architects and as researchers. The semester is also a transition towards the final term in which students are to develop their Master's Theses. This publication gathers the results of a collective effort to carry out a research assignment that is conceived to prepare the students for some of the challenges they will have to face in order to complete those theses.  The course focuses on architecture's ability to provide, through its transformative power, conditions of 'possibility' for the sharing of various spaces, times, processes and other things. Producing uncertainties, contingent relationships and unexpected effects can help define more positive value systems than that of the building-as-consumable-object. We understand the building as a relational object within a complex meshwork of other things, people and technologies, and we explore the notion of architecture-as-an-emergent-'gift': a relational practice that enables encounter(s), and affords the sharing of moments, conversations and, why not, lives. Inhabiting the spaces, discourses and events of this common life, we try to develop a faithful and true care for the situations we are enmeshed in, and perhaps discover ways to displace what is, in order to 'architect' what could be and what ought to be.  Homes are very close to us, we inhabit them with our bodies, emotions and thoughts, we make them and they make us. How much are we ready to share of our lives? What can we obtain from sharing? What can we share? Are there degrees of sharing? What is our role as architects and the role of architecture in affording such 'sharings'?
    Original languageEnglish
    Place of PublicationUmeå
    PublisherUmeå School of Architecture, Umeå University
    Number of pages155
    ISBN (Print)978-91-980683-0-6
    Publication statusPublished - 2015


    • Common Life
    • Experimental Housing
    • Urban Development
    • Dwelling
    • Umeå


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