COMPASS – Comparative Analysis of Territorial Governance and Spatial Planning Systems in Europe. Applied Research 2016-2018: Final Report

Vincent Nadin, Ana Maria Fernandez Maldonado, Wil Zonneveld, Dominic Stead, Marcin Dabrowski, Kasia Piskorek, Alankrita Sarkar, Peter Schmitt, Lukas Smas, Giancarlo Cotella, Umberto Janin Rivolin, Alys Solly, Erblin Berisha, Elena Pede, Bianca Maria Seardo, Tomasz Komornicki, Katarzyna Goch, Maria Bednarek-Szczepańska, Bożena Degórska, Barbara Szejgiec-KolendaPrzemysław Śleszyński, Christian Lüer, Kai Böhme, Zoriica Nedovic-Budic, Brendan Williams, Johanna Varghese, Natasa Colic, Gerrit Knaap, László Csák, László Faragó, Cecília Mezei, Ilona Pálné, Zoltán Pámer, Mario Reimer, Angelika Münter

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The objective of the COMPASS project was to provide an authoritative comparative report on changes in territorial governance and spatial planning systems in Europe from 2000 to 2016. This Final Report presents the main findings, conclusions and policy recommendations. The COMPASS project compares territorial governance and spatial planning in 32 European countries (the 28 EU member states plus four ESPON partner countries). COMPASS differs from previous studies in that the accent is not on a snapshot comparison of national systems, but on identifying trends in reforms from 2000 to 2016. It also seeks to give reasons for these changes with particular reference to EU directives and policies, and to identify good practices for the cross-fertilisation of spatial development policies with EU Cohesion Policy. The research is based on expert knowledge with reference wherever possible to authoritative sources. Experts with in-depth experience of each national system were appointed to contribute to the study. The research design involved primarily collection of data from the 32 countries through questionnaires and five in-depth case studies of the interaction of EU Cohesion Policy and other sectoral policies with spatial planning and territorial governance.
Original languageEnglish
Place of PublicationLuxembourg
PublisherESPON & TU Delft
Number of pages94
ISBN (Print)978-99959-55-55-7
Publication statusPublished - 30 Nov 2018

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Additional volumes are available on the ESPON Website
Volume 1. Comparative tables
Volume 2. Methodology
Volume 3. Phase 1 Questionnaire answers
Volume 4. Phase 2 Questionnaire answers
Volume 5. Additional countries feasibility study
Volume 6. Case studies
Volume 7. Analysis of Europeanisation influences


  • Spatial planning
  • urban planning
  • comparative
  • territorial governance


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