Conceptual Shape Optimization of Entry Vehicles

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Dominic Dirkx works as a research associate in the field of analysis and simulation of planetary mission tracking. He has extensive experience on the design and implementation of simulation software for aerospace mission dynamics and design. His research interests include re-entry dynamics, trajectory optimization, interplanetary tracking, relativistic geodesy and modular simulation software design. He has worked on the shape optimization of entry vehicles, the conceptual design of planetary missions and the analysis of interplanetary laser ranging as a novel method of orbit determination for planetary missions.

Erwin Mooij works as an assistant professor in the field of launch and re-entry systems, amongst others teaching such course to first-year MSc students. His research interests include re-entry systems, trajectory optimization, guidance and control system design, and design methods and data-analysis techniques. Over the years he has worked on several re-entry-system projects, aimed at finding the best shape for doing hypersonic flight experiments. Before coming to work for Delft University of Technology, he worked for Dutch Space (currently: Airbus Defence and Space Netherlands). His tasks included, amongst others, system engineering for the thermal-protection system of the EXPERT entry vehicle (ESA project), as well as the shape-optimization of an earlier configuration of EXPERT.
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Publication statusPublished - 2017

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