Coolfacade: Design driven categorisation of solar cooling technologies for facade integration possibilities

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Solar cooling systems have increasingly been a subject of attention during the past couple of decades, for its potential to lower indoor temperatures using solar (and thus renewable) energy. Several initiatives supported by private developers and public organisations such as the Solar Heating & Cooling Programme of the IEA, have been promoting the use of these technologies by showing their advantages while increasing the efficiency of the systems to allow for massive commercial application. Nonetheless, architectural integration of solar cooling systems into the building envelope has not been the focus, except for experiences related with the integration of certain components such as solar thermal collectors or PV panels into façade elements. Current developments such as small scale solar driven heat pumps and solar cooling kits commercially available for application raise questions about how to successfully integrate these systems into buildings while at the same time they present interesting opportunities for the development of new performance based façade components or even self-sustaining cooling façade modules for high-performing commercial buildings. The present paper seeks to discuss current possibilities for façade integration of solar cooling systems, generating a framework to promote further developments. This framework is made by means of a review of solar cooling technologies and an early assessment of their potential for façade integration, considering the necessary components to be integrated according to each particular technology. The outcome of this study is a matrix outlining the possibilities for the integration of several components and subsystems from the entire cooling process (cooling generation, distribution and delivery), considering examples from current research projects and working prototypes for the development of solar cooling integrated façade concepts. This study is part of the ongoing PhD research project titled COOLFACADE: Architectural integration of solar cooling strategies into the curtain-wall, developed within the Façade Research Group (FRG) in the Green Building Innovation programme (GBI) of the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment, TU Delft.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 19 Jul 2016
Event15th International Conference on Sustainable Energy Technologies – SET 2016 - NUS - National University of Singapore, Singapore, Singapore
Duration: 19 Jul 201622 Jul 2016


Conference15th International Conference on Sustainable Energy Technologies – SET 2016


  • Solar cooling
  • Facade integration
  • Integrated design
  • Review


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