Culture sensitive design: A guide to culture in practice

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Our globalizing world, with interconnected societies and worldwide cooperation, with migration and ever-increasing digitization brings together a complexity of cultural groups that need to live together. And that consequently confronts designers with the challenge of facing cultural diversity in design.

This book offers a detailed overview of both theory and practical methods to become culture sensitive in the 21st century design culture. Richly illustrated by anecdotes, examples and cases this book motivates design students, practitioners and educators to reflect on their own cultural backgrounds, learn more about the theories around cultures, and at the same time to stimulate them to put insights into practice.

Culture Sensitive Design helps not only to avoid mismatches between intended users and designs, to avoid mistakes that make our designs unacceptable for some groups of people. It is also it is needed to open up the design space, creating a great source of new and better solutions
Original languageEnglish
PublisherBIS Publishers
Number of pages160
ISBN (Electronic)978-90-6369-561-3
Publication statusIn preparation - 2020

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