Dimitry Y. Sorokin, Alexander Y. Merkel

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Abstract’ra. L. abl. prep. de, from, off, away; N.L. n. sulfis -itis, sulfite; Gr. fem. n. spora, a seed and in biology a spore; from Gr. fem. n. spora; N.L. fem.
n. Desulfitispora, spore-forming bacterium-reducing sulfite. The genus Desulfitispora is a member of the Desulfitisporaceae family in the class Desulfitisporia and phylum “Firmicutes B.” Its closest relatives are spore-forming
sulfate/sulfite-reducing firmicutes, such as the genera Desulfitibacter, Desulfitobacterium, and Desulfosporosinus. It includes obligately anaerobic Gram-positive sulfidogens that respire sulfite, thiosulfate, and elemental
sulfur but not sulfate. It is moderately salt tolerant and obligately alkaliphilic. Inhabits anaerobic sediments of soda lakes. The genus currently includes two species, Desulfitispora alkaliphila, which is the type species, and Desulfitispora elongata. DNA G + C content (mol%): 38.8 (type species, genome) to 40.3 (D. elongata, Tm). Type species: Desulfitispora alkaliphila Sorokin and Muyzer 2010, VL134.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationBergey’s Manual of Systematics of Archaea and Bacteria, Online
EditorsWilliam B. Whitman
PublisherJohn Wiley & Sons
ISBN (Electronic)9781118960608
Publication statusPublished - 2021


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