Development and Piezoelectric Properties of a Stack Units-Based Piezoelectric Device for Roadway Application

Chenchen Li, Fan Yang, Pengfei Liu, Chaoliang Fu, Quan Liu, Hongduo Zhao, Peng Lin

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To improve the energy harvesting efficiency of the piezoelectric device, a stack units-based structure was developed and verified. Factors such as stress distribution, load resistance, loads, and loading times influencing the piezoelectric properties were investigated using theoretical analysis and experimental tests. The results show that the unit number has a negative relationship with the generated energy and the stress distribution has no influence on the power generation of the piezoelectric unit array. However, with a small stress difference, units in a parallel connection can obtain high energy conversion efficiency. Additionally, loaded with the matched impedance of 275.0 kΩ at 10.0 kN and 10.0 Hz, the proposed device reached a maximum output power of 84.3 mW, which is enough to supply the low-power sensors. Moreover, the indoor load test illustrates that the electrical performance of the piezoelectric device was positively correlated with the simulated loads when loaded with matched resistance. Furthermore, the electrical property remained stable after the fatigue test of 100,000 cyclic loads. Subsequently, the field study confirmed that the developed piezoelectric device had novel piezoelectric properties with an open-circuit voltage of 190 V under an actual tire load, and the traffic parameters can be extracted from the voltage waveform
Original languageEnglish
Article number7708
Pages (from-to)1-14
Number of pages14
Issue number22
Publication statusPublished - 2021


  • pavement engineering
  • energy harvesting
  • piezoelectric device
  • stacked piezoelectric unit
  • piezoelectric properties
  • roadway application


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