Electronic biosensor arrangement

C Nohammer (Inventor), CPL van Vroonhoven (Inventor), D Rocha wiese meneses (Inventor), MJ Vellekoop (Inventor)

Research output: Patent


Electronic biosensor arrangement (1) comprising a receptacle region (2) for biological material, to which is assigned a sensor electrode arrangement (3) with sensor electrodes (3a, 3b) intermeshing in comblike fashion, to which can be connected a measuring circuit (5) for measuring an electrical measurement quantity influenced by biological material at the sensor electrodes (3a, 3b), wherein the sensor electrodes (3a, 3b) form a multiplicity of sensor capacitors (Csensor,1 to Csensor,N) which are assigned electronic switching means (S2,1 to S2,N) - driven by a control logic (8) - for connection to earth or to a voltage source carrying a measurement voltage (Vdrive), comprising a reference capacitor (Cref), which is likewise assigned a switching means (S1) - driven by the control logic (8) - for optional connection to earth or to the measurement voltage (Vdrive), wherein the capacitors (Cref, Csensor,1 - Csensor,N) are on the other hand combined at a node (A), which is connected to an input (-) of a differential amplifier (10) and to which are furthermore connected measuring capacitors (C0 to C5) having binary weighted capacitances (Cmin to 32Cmin) for forming an SAR comparison unit, which, on the other hand, via switching means (S3,0 to S3,5) driven by the control logic (8), are able to be connected selectively to a voltage source (Varray) or to earth for the purpose of charge difference formation for the SAR conversion.
Original languageUndefined/Unknown
Patent numberWO/2007/131255 A1
Priority date15/05/07
Publication statusPublished - 2007


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