Energy analytics for supporting built environment decarbonisation

Lamberto Tronchin*, Massimiliano Manfren, Benedetto Nastasi

*Corresponding author for this work

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The identification of techno-economically feasible decarbonisation paths and sustainability transitions for the built environment is a necessary task for research today and building stock renovation processes can act in synergy with innovative economic and technological development paradigms to achieve different types of benefits such as economic growth and employment, together with resource efficiency and sustainability for the whole sector. The research presented aims at selecting the most relevant data analysis processes and techniques to respond to practical technical questions and to support decision-making in the built environment, at multiple scales of analysis, from individual buildings, to building stock and urban environment. The research aims to indicate in this way the possibility to join the micro-scale view, involving technological and behavioral issues in buildings, and the macro-scale view, involving strategic problems at market and policy levels for energy and sustainability planning. Further, the combined use of modelling techniques with large scale data acquisition and processing could guarantee multiple feed-backs from measured data, useful for the evolution, first of all, of design and operation practices in building but also, more in general, of the whole value chain of the sector. A synthesis and integration of modelling methodologies is presented through case studies, showing a path to improve transparency of performance assessment across building life cycle phases. Finally, multivariate data visualization techniques are presented to ease wider applicability of the described numerical techniques.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)1486-1493
Number of pages8
JournalEnergy Procedia
Publication statusPublished - 2019
Event2018 Technologies and Materials for Renewable Energy, Environment and Sustainability, TMREES 2018 - Athens, Greece
Duration: 19 Sep 201821 Sep 2018


  • Behavioural modelling
  • Building performance simulation
  • Energy efficiency
  • Parametric modelling
  • Techno-economic optimization


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