IGD-TP Competence Maintenance, Education and Training Strategy and Action Plan for 2013-2016: DELIVERABLE (D-N°:3.2) Work Package 3

M. Palmu, P. Oy, Phil Vardon, I. Paiva

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The purpose of this document is to define how the working group on Competence Maintenance, Education and Training (CMET) can support the IGD-TP Vision "2025". Also it was and it is still intended for outlining the activities of this working group and Joint Activity (no 14) during 2013-2016. In connection with its Vision statement (IGD-TP 2009 Vision Report) the IGD-TP committed to among its other goals to "Facilitate access to expertise and technology and maintain competences in the field of geological disposal for the benefit of Member States". The CMET working group was established in 2012 when its first Terms of Reference (ToR) version was approved by the IGD-TP Executive Group (EG). During 2013-2015 resourcing to support the group was received under SecIGD2 project with the EURATOM FP7 grant and with a direct contribution from the IGD-TP Executive Group members. This document was planned for production already during the first SecIGD2 project year. It was to be based on the needs of the IGD-TP's Joint Activities that were already deployed or planned to start in 2012, and on the needs of the CMET group members. The role of CMET group was to address Competence Maintenance, Education and Training needs from the demand side. However, at the early stage of deployment, it was somewhat difficult to express or the identify competence gaps in the activities or they had already been identified and resourced at the beginning of the joint activity. Thus there was not adequate amount of input for the first CMET working group meeting as a direct basis for a strategy formulation beyond the action plan, which had been prepared for the SecIGD2 project proposal. The SecIGD2 project's Work Package 3 in the project's description of work (DoW) that was originally prepared in alignment with the CMET Terms of Reference included the main action plan for the CMET group. With the exception of this document, the actions foreseen to be carried out by the CMET in the action plan have been implemented according to the original timetable. The actions are described in this report and two other public project documents, which are included in this report's references. The CMET working group members have contributed to the content of this report either directly via email commenting or by participating in the work group meeting discussion providing input to this report. The editors mentioned on this report's front page have been the persons who have produced this report document itself. The document represents the views of the authors and of the CMET working group. This document does not represent the views of the IGD-TP Executive Group.
Original languageEnglish
PublisherEU Commission
Number of pages92
Publication statusPublished - 2015


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