Load Data Base of A340 and A380 in Ground and Water Impact Conditions

PC Astori, MJL van Tooren

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    One of the main aspects of crashworthiness is energy absorption: a high energy absorption, associated to internal cabin integrity, brings to considerable reduction of load transmission to the cabin, seat tracks and cabin hat racks, and then a reduction of accelerations and deformations. Structural accelerations are directly linked to the injury criteria generally accepted in crashworthiness, because most of human body injuries are generated by local accelerations (head, chest, pelvis) and dynamic loading (lumbar spine, fenur); structural deformations bring to seat failure and hat rack ruptures: in the first case the unrestrained occupants are exposed to high risk of impacts; in the second case the consequent fall of objects increases the risk of injuries to occupants.
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    Place of PublicationDelft
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    Publication statusPublished - 2003

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