Logic-Based Traffic Flow Control for Ramp Metering and Variable Speed Limits-Part 2: Simulation and Comparison

Jose Ramon D. Frejo, Bart De Schutter

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This paper simulates, analyzes, and compares, for two case studies (one synthetic freeway and one real-life freeway), the behavior of Logic-Based Traffic Flow Control (LB-TFC), an integrated control strategy for Ramp Metering (RM) installations and Variable Speed Limits (VSLs) that was proposed and derivated in the first part of the work ('Part 1: Controller'). For the first case study, which was presented in the first part of the work, the control performance of LB-TFC is compared with the ones obtained with the optimal solution and with the Mainstream Traffic Flow Control (MTFC) + PI-ALINEA algorithm. Moreover, the robustness of the considered controllers is analyzed for this case study concluding that LB-TFC is quite robust, specially when comparing with MTFC + PI-ALINEA. For the second study (a stretch of the ring-road freeway SE-30 in Seville, Spain), data from 10 different days have been used in order to simulate the performance of the considered controllers using real data for the afternoon peak period. In order to properly deal with a bottleneck with a dynamically changing number of lanes, the equations used for MTFC + PI-ALINEA have been slightly modified for the second case study. For both case studies, LB-TFC provides a robust performance that, in most cases, is close to the optimal one and that improves the reduction in the Total Time Spent (TTS) obtained with MTFC + PI-ALINEA. Moreover, this paper studies the tuning of the control parameters and the advantages and disadvantages of LB-TFC.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)2658-2668
JournalIEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems
Issue number5
Publication statusPublished - 2021


  • feed-forward control
  • freeway traffic control
  • logic-based control
  • Ramp metering
  • variable speed limits (VSLs)


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