LUMIO: a CubeSat at Earth-Moon L2

Francesco Topputo, Angelo Cervone, Prem Sundaramoorthy, Stefano Speretta, Samiksha Mestry, Ron Noomen, More Authors

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The Lunar Meteoroid Impact Observer (LUMIO) is a CubeSat mission to observe, quantify, and characterize the meteoroid impacts by detecting their flashes on the lunar farside. LUMIO is one of the two winners of ESA’s LUCE (Lunar CubeSat for Exploration) SYSNOVA competition, and as such it is being considered by ESA for implementation in the near future. The mission utilizes a CubeSat that carries the LUMIO-Cam, an optical instrument capable of detecting light flashes in the visible spectrum. On-board data processing is implemented to minimize data downlink, while still retaining relevant scientific data. The mission implements a sophisticated orbit design: LUMIO is placed on a halo orbit about Earth–Moon L2 where permanent full-disk observation of the lunar farside is made. This prevents background noise due to Earthshine, and permits obtaining highquality scientific products. Innovative full-disk optical autonomous navigation is proposed, and its performances are assessed and quantified. The spacecraft is a 12U form-factor CubeSat, with 22 kg mass. Novel on-board micro-propulsion system for orbital control, de-tumbling, and reaction wheel desaturation is used. Steady solar power generation is achieved with solar array drive assembly and eclipse-free orbit.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationThe 4S Symposium 2018, Sorrento, Italy
Number of pages15
Publication statusPublished - 2018
EventThe 4s Symposium 2018: Small Satellite Systems and Services - Sorrento, Italy
Duration: 28 May 20181 Jun 2018


ConferenceThe 4s Symposium 2018

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