Maisbich (Luxemburg), data from discharge meter Q4 (Qup), 2006-12 and later

WMJ Luxemburg, MC Westhoff

Research output: Non-textual formDataset/Database (obsolete)Professional


Type: Van Essen TD-Driver, SN 19613 This instrument measures pressure with one absolute sensor. It also measures temperature. Height V-notch above sensor: 0.0018m. Datasets with correction contain the corrected discharge observed at the Vnotch. The discharge is calculated as Q=Cd*h^2.5 After correcting the logger measurements with hand measured depths we interpolated the difference (dH) Then we determined the factor Cd with discharge measurements which we also interpolated The timing of hand measurements can be corrected to better represent the logged values The last corrections (variable "clean_corr") were made for blocking of the V-notch weir as folows: z1 represents the last good discharge value after which sedimentation slowly starts blocking the weir z2 represents the moment when the blocking is max z3 represents the moment just before cleaning of the weir z4 represents the moment after cleaning of the weir The max difference in discharge is Q(z3)-Q(z4)
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 2011

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