Methodology for the development of LADM country profiles

Eftychia Kalogianni, Karel Janečka, Mohsen Kalantari, Efi Dimopoulou, Jarosław Bydłosz, Aleksandra Radulović, Nikola Vučić, Dubravka Sladić, Miro Govedarica, Christiaan Lemmen, Peter van Oosterom

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    The growing recognition and influence of the ISO 19152:2012 Land Administration Domain Model (LADM), is revealed by the multiple country profiles that have been developed based on the standard in various jurisdictions across the world. The ongoing revision of the LADM Edition I, initiates discussions related to the development of country profiles, as well as considerations regarding their maintenance. Till today, various approaches for creating LADM-based country profiles have been followed. This resulted in the creation of an interesting mosaic of country profiles’ developing methods, with parts to be exploited and an outline of the basic steps of the development provided. Based on this knowledge, the aim of this paper is to design a methodology for the development of LADM country profiles, expected to become part of future version of the ISO 19152 LADM, the Edition II. Collective experience from good practices in the development of profiles based on LADM Edition I reported in the literature have been reviewed and used as basis for a qualitative comparative analysis. For this purpose, a set of six characteristics/criteria was developed based on key publications selected through experts’ consultation. The characteristics are generic and can be applied to all the country profiles, as well as they refer to the lifecycle of the development and implementation of a country profile, taking into account legal, institutional and technical issues. Characteristics regarding the scope of country profiles are also considered. Given this context, the design of the methodology to develop LADM-based country profiles is presented, structured in three phases: scope definition, profile creation and profile testing.

    Original languageEnglish
    Article number105380
    Number of pages12
    JournalLand Use Policy
    Publication statusPublished - 2021


    • ISO 19152
    • LADM
    • LADM country profile
    • Land administration
    • Land Administration Domain Model


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