Mimarlık, 1963-1979: An Architectural Journal

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Can an architectural journal be an instrument for transformation?

Mimarlık: An Architectural Journal, 1963-1979 looks at the history of the Turkish architectural journal Mimarlık at a time when Turkish architecture and politics were undergoing a great change in a period caught between two coups d’état. Established in 1963 as the in-house publication of the Chamber of Architect, the regulatory licensing organization in Turkey, Mimarlık offers a lens to observe the transformations of the architectural profession under changing political, societal, and democratic conditions. Until 1980, Mimarlık provided a venue where architecture was discussed with politics and seen as an inherent part of the profession.

The exhibition is a product of ongoing research and aims to explore the new practices and discourses that Mimarlık emerges, promotes, or challenges. It displays the timeline of Mimarlık, documenting major themes of the journal, significant actors, published articles, and projects in relation to the key moments in Turkish politics and global architecture. Bringing content and context together, the exhibition questions the journal’s professional and political reciprocity and seeks answers to Mimarlık’s negotiation and mediation capacity as an agent of transformation.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 6 Sep 2021


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