Model-free anti-swing control of complex-shaped payload with offshore floating cranes and a large number of lift wires

Zhengru Ren, Amrit Shankar Verma, Behfar Ataei, Karl Henning Halse, Hans Petter Hildre

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Being one of the most commonly used offshore operations, offshore lifting operations become increasingly challenging due to the gradually growing size and weight of payloads. The research on automatic control in lifting operations, e.g., anti-swing control and heave compensation, only considers simple-shaped payloads, such as lumped-mass rigid points. However, the sizes and orientations of many structures cannot be neglected. To lift heavy and large-scale payloads, larger and higher cranes are required. Alternatively, it is possible to share the total loads by enhancing the number of lift wires that may limit the tension on each lift wire. However, the complicated configuration introduces significant complexity into the design of the automatic anti-swing algorithm, especially to the control allocation module. This paper performs a preliminary study on the anti-swing control of a complex-shaped suspended payload lift using a floating crane vessel and a large number of lift wires. Inspired by the knowledge of inverse dynamics and range-based localization, a general model-free anti-swing control scheme is proposed. The controller has a simple form without considering state–space equations, but it can reduce the pendular payload motion regardless of the detailed system configuration. An offshore wind turbine tower–nacelle–rotor preassembly installation using floating crane vessel is adopted as a case study to verify the performance of the proposed control strategy.

Original languageEnglish
Article number108868
JournalOcean Engineering
Publication statusPublished - 2021


  • Anti-swing control
  • Floating crane
  • Lifting operation
  • Marine operations
  • Offshore wind turbine installation
  • Tower–nacelle–rotor preassembly installation


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