Nova: Structural changes in the use of real estate from a design perspective

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This literature review is commissioned by VOGON, aiming to formulate a national real estate research programme - NOVA, focused on the functioning of real estate markets for achieving societal and political goals, as such connected to the Dutch National Scientific Research Agenda. Tuuli Jylha, André Mulder and Hilde Remøy conducted the literature review to create an overview of scientific knowledge on structural changes in real estate use patterns from the perspective of a user.
To find structural changes and patterns, the patch working approach was applied, identifying patches or puzzles that represent research themes. To find the current scientific knowledge on the topic, journals were selected that have a high relevance in the real estate research and that can be found from Scopus. The literature review is limited to include years between 2005 and 2015. This period comprises the time before and after the global financial crisis. The literature was reviewed in three scans. In the first scan, the titles of the papers and sometimes parts of the abstract were read. All the papers related to retail or office, universities and other educational premises, and had a user perspective, and all the papers focusing on financial models, were included for the next round. In the second scan, the titles and abstracts were read. Papers were excluded if the stakeholder was not a user (e.g., user organisation, employee, visitor, CRE manager, etc.), and if the focus was not on office or retail. In the third scan, the papers were read. If it was noticed that some of the criteria from the 1st or 2nd scans were not valid, the paper was excluded.
When reading the papers, evidence of structural changes was collected and coded. The coding could be structured and restructured while still reading. After reading the papers, the codes were grouped and regrouped until a structure was found. 19 topics were recognised.
Original languageEnglish
PublisherTU Delft Open
Number of pages49
Publication statusPublished - 2016


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