Phase separation in strained cation- and anion-deficient Nd(0.52)Sr(0.48)MnO(3) films

VA Khokhlov, AY Prokhorov, YV Medvedev, Y Nikolaenko, A Mukhin, VP Pashchenko, GG Levchenko, VG Prokhorov, NI Solin, V Svetchnikov, JS Park, JB Kim, GYP Lee

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    The magnetic and transport properties of anion- and cation-deficient Nd(0.52)Sr(0.48)MnO(3) films with different thicknesses, as well as of two films from this system grown on different SrTiO(3) and LaAlO(3) substrates, are studied. Below Curie temperature T (C), the films with different thicknesses exhibit phase separation: they represent magnetic clusters (drops) embedded in a nonconducting paramagnetic (at T > T (N), where T (N) is the N,el temperature) or antiferromagnetic (T <T (N)) matrix. The temperature dependences of the resistivity of the films are well described in terms of the polaron mechanism of conduction. In external magnetic field H = 0.01 T, the drops may reach 15 nm in size. They consist of magnetic polarons with a small radius (1-2 nm). The drops are shown to interact with each other in the films. Because of competition between drop-drop dipole interaction and the magnetic energy, the drops disintegrate into droplets with a size comparable to that of a magnetic polaron in a field of 1 T. An explanation is given for the discrepancy between our results and the frequently observed growth of the drops with a rise in the external magnetic field. As the film gets thicker, the fraction of the ferromagnetic phase grows with thickness nonlinearly. In the film grown on SrTiO(3) (compressed by 0.9%), the characteristic N,el and Curie temperatures are lower than in the film grown on LaAlO(3). The diameters of ferromagnetic drops (both maximal at H = 0.01 T and minimal at H = 1 T) turn out to be roughly the same as in the films with different thicknesses.
    Original languageEnglish
    Pages (from-to)1475-1486
    Number of pages12
    JournalTechnical Physics
    Issue number10
    Publication statusPublished - 2011


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