Radiating and balanced mode analysis of user interaction with PIFAs

KR Boyle, LP Ligthart

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    User interaction causes a change in the antenna driving point impedance that leads to aloss of performance and perhaps most noticeably to the user, a degradationin baterry life. It has previously been shown [1] that the slot of a daul-band PIFA, with an opening adjacent to the feed and shorting pin, acts as a reactive circuit. Indeed, the slot could simply be replaced with discrete components: there is a strong motivation to do this when user interaction is considered. The slot acts as a transmission line and is susceptible to user interaction, since it is probable that part of the user's hand will cross the slot. The interaction mechanism does not exist with discrete components. In the sections that floow, the effect of user interactionon the fundamental performance of the antenna and slot is analyzed at both GSM and DCS. Conventional antennas ( with a slot) and those tuned using discrete components are considered.
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    Title of host publicationAntennas and propagation society international symposium, IEEE 2005
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    Number of pages4
    Publication statusPublished - 2005

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