Reflection images from ambient seismic noise

DS Draganov, XH Campman, JW Thorbecke, AR Verdel, Kees Wapenaar

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One application of seismic interferometry is to retrieve the impulse response Green’s function from crosscorrelation of ambient seismic noise. Various researchers show results for retrieving the surface-wave part of the Green’s function. However, reflection retrieval has proven more challenging. We crosscorrelate ambient seismic noise, recorded along eight parallel lines in the Sirte basin east of Ajdabeya, Libya, to obtain shot gathers that contain reflections.We take advantage of geophone groups to suppress part of the undesired surface- wave noise and apply frequency-wavenumber filtering before crosscorrelation to suppress surface waves further.After comparing the retrieved results with data from an active seismic exploration survey along the same lines, we use the retrieved reflection data to obtain amigrated reflection image of the subsurface.
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Pages (from-to)A63-A67
Issue number5
Publication statusPublished - 2009

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doi: 10.1190/1.3193529


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