Stakeholder salience and prioritization for port master planning, a case study of the multi-purpose Port of Isafjordur in Iceland

Majid Eskafi, Reza Fazeli, Ali Dastgheib, Poonam Taneja, Gudmundur F. Ulfarsson, Ragnheidur I. Thorarinsdottir, Gunnar Stefansson

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The dynamic and ever-increasing complex nature of a port system involves a variety of stakeholders with a broad spectrum of involvement and objectives. In the port master planning, to fulfill the objectives of the various stakeholders and manage conflicts and controversies, a stakeholder analysis is carried out. However, effective and timely engagement of the key stakeholders in the planning process is not an easy task. This paper presents a framework of stakeholder analysis for the case study of the Multi-Purpose Port of Isafjordur in Iceland to underpin the master planning process. The framework deals with a systematic procedure of identification, grouping and then static mapping of stakeholders by means of the power-interest matrix. Further, the fuzzy logic 3-dimensional decision surface was adopted for dynamic salience mapping of the stakeholders. A survey and face-to-face interviews were conducted as tools to collect input for the stakeholder analysis based on the elements of the port master planning. The elements include competitiveness, land use, environmental implication, safety and security, hinterland connection, economic and social impact, financial performance, and flexibility. This paper reveals that dynamic mapping provides a more accurate stakeholder analysis in the field of port master planning than do other methods. The result of the decision surface shows different saliences of key stakeholders, including legislation and public policy, and internal and external stakeholders in the master planning. Thus, in order to have effective and timely stakeholder inclusion throughout the port planning process, a different strategy of engagement with them should be applied.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)214-260
Number of pages47
JournalEuropean Journal of Transport and Infrastructure Research
Issue number3
Publication statusPublished - 2019


  • Iceland
  • Fuzzy Logic
  • Port Master Planning
  • Stakeholder Analysis

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