Statistical Modeling of MIMO wireless channels with keyholes

H Nikookar

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    In this paper a novel stochastic modelin gof Multi- Input- Multi- Output (MIMO) channels with "keyhole" is adressed, Keyhole in MIMO channel occurs when a screen in the middle of the channel with a small hole in forces all the propageted waves to go through this hole. This effect reduces the MIMO channel capacity. The MIMO channel with keyhole is modeled by dividing it into two channels i.e., the channel between MIMO TX and the keyhole (as a Multi-In-Single-Out MISO channel) and the channel between the keyhole and the MIMO RX (as a Single-In-Multi-Output SIMO channel). Both MISO and SIMO channels are modeled based on impulse response model of the channel incorporating the correlations. Bothe Poisson and modified Poisson processes are employed to model the arrival of multipath components of MISO and SIMO propagation channels. The temporal and spatial corretlations at both transmit and receive sides are incorporated in the model. Using the developed model for the MIMO channel with keyhole, the effect of power delay shape as well as the temporal and spatial correlations on the capacity of MIMO channel is investigated and is compared to the capacity results of MIMO channel without keyhole.
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    Publication statusPublished - 2005
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    Duration: 18 Sep 200522 Sep 2005

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    ConferenceWMS 2005 - WPMC'05, Aalborg, Denenmarken


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