Street experiences in a car-dominant city

CM van Langelaar, Stefan van der Spek

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    There are basically two kinds of city centres: historic and modern. Historic city centres, built in an era when no cars existed, tend to be very walkable environments. Modern cities, however, are much more car-dominated, leading to a less attractive walking environment. Rotterdam is one of the four main cities in the Netherlands and its historic city centre was destroyed during the Second World War. The post-war reconstruction mainly caters to cars, like many other cities throughout the world, resulting in a somewhat pedestrianunfriendly walking environment. We set out to analyse this environment and its users, and hopefully with our results, make recommendations for car-dominated cities worldwide. We wanted to find out which paths people really took and to gain insight about personal preferences in a modern, cardominated city. We wanted to extract lessons for improving the city centre based on both real experiences and objectively measured behaviour.
    Original languageEnglish
    Title of host publicationThe City at Eye Level
    EditorsH. Karssenberg, J. Laven, M. Glaser, M. van 't Hoff
    Place of PublicationDelft
    PublisherEburon Academic Publishers
    Edition2nd and extended version
    ISBN (Print)978-90-5972-999-5
    Publication statusPublished - 2016


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