Surface functionalisation of SU8 vertical waveguide for biomedical sensing: Bacterial diagnostis

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In this paper, we present an SU-8 based evanescent waveguide with a vertical structure as a biomedical sensor. The waveguide is designed vertically to generate evanescent waves on both left and right surfaces for sensing. It is fabricated by E-beam lithography with only one-step process which has the advantage of a better surface quality compared with commonly used dry etching methods. Furthermore, fabrication time and cost is cut down greatly. The surface of the designed waveguide can be functionalized with antibodies to immobilize specific bacteria on it. After surface functionalization and incubation with E.coli solutions of different concentrations, the waveguides absorption was measured. The results demonstrate that the waveguide is sensitive to E.coli concentration changes. In addition, tapers were designed and added to the waveguide to relieve the alignment tolerance for the aim of making a plug-and-play bedside diagnostic system.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages5
Publication statusPublished - Sep 2018
EventEurosensors 2018 - Graz, Austria
Duration: 9 Sep 201812 Sep 2018


ConferenceEurosensors 2018


  • SU-8
  • vertical waveguide
  • biomedical sensing
  • surface functionalization


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