The Delft legacy of Adding Value by CREM

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This book chapter presents an overview of many publications on adding value through corporate and public real estate, in chronological order. It discusses the concepts of added value and adding value, various value parameters, the relationships between input-throughput-output-outcome, and how to manage adding value by CREM in four steps. A such it shows the legacy of the (C)REM section of the Department of Management in the Built Environment at the Faculty of Architecture of the TU Delft. The chapter is a contribution to the book “Dear is Durable”, a Liber Amicorum for prof. Hans de Jonge that was offered to him due to his farewell as professor of Real Estate Management and Development. A pdf of this book can be downloaded from the TU Delft research repository: A pdf of this book can be downloaded from the TU Delft research repository: > research repository > search on ”Dear is Durable”.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationDear is Durable
Subtitle of host publicationLiber Amicorum for Hans de Jonge
EditorsMonique Arkesteijn, Theo van der Voordt, Hilde Remoy, Yawei Chen
Place of PublicationDelft
PublisherTU Delft OPEN Publishing
ISBN (Print)978-94-92516-15-2
Publication statusPublished - 30 Sept 2016


  • added value
  • CREM


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