The Power of SCRUM

J Sutherland, DM van Solingen, E Rustenburg

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Authors highlight computer software in fictional story about business owner The world of computer software can be difficult to understand if one is not entrenched in it every day. In their book ¿Power of Scrum¿ (ISBN 1463578067) Jeffrey V. Sutherland, D.M. van Solingen and Eelco Rustenberg use a fictional story to help the readers to better understand the real intricacies of the frame working software, Scrum. Scrum is a software development methodology that allows companies to work more efficiently and productively. This book gives readers an easy-to-read overview of Scrum and how and why it works. It uses a narrative story to explain some of the basic do¿s and don¿ts of using Scrum while presenting only a small amount of the theory that goes into the system. The story introduces us to Mark Resting, the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of a software company. Resting has been having some difficulty with a project for one of his company¿s major customers, LogiStrux. After meeting with the customer¿s board in London, he meets Jerry, a Scrum system expert. After discussing Scrum, Resting is convinced that some of the strategies that the system uses can help in the LogiStrux project and possibly even in some of his company¿s other areas of work. Resting invites Jerry to his company¿s headquarters in Washington, D.C. so he can show him and his employees how to implement these new methods. ¿The book is a very easy read and can be read cover to cover in less than three hours,¿ Sutherland says. ¿The characters and narrative development were created to help translate some of the theories in Scrum to a more personal, and easier to understand level.¿ Sutherland is hoping that the story and non-technical language attracts a wider audience than just those interested in technology and software. He also hopes the book will be purchased by companies and given to the associates who use Scrum so they can become more familiar with it. ¿Power of Scrum¿ is available for sale at
Original languageEnglish
Place of PublicationCharleston, SC, USA
Number of pages128
ISBN (Print)9781463578060
Publication statusPublished - 2011

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