Towards better territorial governance in Europe

U Janin Rivolin, M Santangelo, G Cotella, F Governa, N Caruso, A de Luca, P Schmitt, L van Well, S Lange, M Reardon, D Stead, M Spaans, WAM Zonneveld, A Wandl, S Davoudi, P Cowie, A Madanipour, G Vigar, I Pálné Kovács, C MezeiZ Grünhut, A Zavodnik Lamovsek, N Pichler-Milanovic, M Peterlin, M Simoneti

Research output: Book/ReportReportProfessional


A guide for practitioners, policy and decision makers based on contributions from the ESPON TANGO Project
Original languageUndefined/Unknown
Place of Publications.l.
PublisherESPON & Politecnico di Torino
Number of pages35
ISBN (Print)978-2-919777-66-2
Publication statusPublished - 2014

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PublisherESPON & Politecnico di Torino

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Part of the TANGO Applied Research Project within the framework of the ESPON 2013 Programme

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