TU Delft Open Educational Resources (OER) Policy

N.U. Will (Editor), M. de Jong (Editor), F.D. van der Hoeven (Editor)

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As a university committed to blended learning and open education, TU Delft encourages and supports staff and students to use, create and publish Open Educational Resources (OER) to enhance the quality of teachers’ and students’ experience, provided that resources used are fit-for-purpose and relevant. The use, creation and publication of Open Educational Resources (OER) are consistent with the university’s policies and values. This policy puts the TU Delft on a trajectory towards a teaching practice in which the use of Open Educational Resources is the norm, not the exception. We value when other institutes start using the resources developed by TU Delft staff. TU Delft will include the development of OER in its framework for rewarding and recognition. Staff and students are free to use Open Educational Resources (OER) to support teaching and learning, including text, images, audio or video resources, animations, data or software and other (digital) resources. Staff may also use a wide range of self-generated teaching materials to support high-quality teaching, including teaching notes, handouts, audio, images, animations, multimedia materials, data, software and others.
Original languageEnglish
PublisherDelft University of Technology
Number of pages8
Publication statusPublished - 2021


  • policy
  • open education
  • open science
  • CC licensing
  • OER
  • Open Educational Resources
  • intellectual property
  • ownership
  • recognition
  • implementation


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