Unifying Tactical Conflict Prevention, Detection, and Resolution Methods in Non-Orthogonal Constrained Urban Airspace

C. Badea, A. Morfin Veytia, Niki Patrinopoulou, Ioannis Daramouskas, Joost Ellerbroek, Vaios Lappas, Vassilios Kostopoulos, J.M. Hoekstra

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The use of small aircraft for a wide range of missions in urban airspace is expected to increase in the future. In Europe, efforts have been invested into developing a unified system, called U-space, to manage aircraft in dense very-low-level urban airspace. The Metropolis II project aimed to research what degree of centralisation an air traffic management system should use in such airspace. The paper at hand is a follow-up, and investigates improvements that can be brought to the tactical conflict prevention, detection, and resolution module of such a system in order to harmonise these components with an organic high-density U-space environment. The proposed improvements are: the prioritisation of vertical conflict prevention in intersections, the use of intent in detecting and resolving conflicts, and the use of heading-based manoeuvres in open airspace. Results show that the use of intent information in the conflict detection process, as well as the implementation of suitable tactical prevention procedures, can greatly increase airspace safety. Furthermore, the experiments revealed that the effectiveness of conflict resolution algorithms is highly dependent on the airspace rules and structure. This reiterates the potential for increasing the safety and efficiency of operations within constrained airspace if the tactical separation modules are unified with the other components of air traffic management systems for U-space.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages23
JournalAerospace — Open Access Aeronautics and Astronautics Journal
Issue number5
Publication statusPublished - 2023


  • U-space
  • UTM
  • conflict resolution
  • conflict detection
  • conflict prevention
  • BlueSky simulator
  • constrained airspace
  • organic network


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