Updated Action Plans for the co-creation process: Looking back and looking forward

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This deliverable is titled ‘Updated Action Plans for the co-creation process’ and it consists of a common methodological approach, the state of the art of the Local Action Plans of the four WP4 implementation sites, and a reflection on the co-creation process.
This deliverable is the formal update of D4.1, which is taken as the starting point to further explain the evolution of the co-creation activities in the four locations. In particular, compared to D4.1 the theoretical section has been updated with some new perspectives on the Capability Approach, and the methodological section has been updated to reflect changed practices, and clearer guidelines on diversity and gender approaches. The four sections on the state of the art of the four Local Action Plans are totally new, and they explain the progress that occurred in each location in terms of stakeholders, participation of young people, process and outputs. Finally, a new section has been added in which we reflect on the nature of the co-creation process as we have experienced it in all the WP4 implementation sites. The deliverable ends with an outline of the future steps that will be taken in WP4.
Original languageEnglish
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Publication statusPublished - 2021


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