Urban Ecosystem Participation in Extraction Landscapes: ‘Extraction Ecologies’

F.L. Hooimeijer (Editor), T. Kuzniecow Bacchin (Editor), L. Iorio (Editor), B.L.M. Kothuis (Editor), Anita van Stel (Editor)

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The ecological, climate and urban crisis globally takes place in anthropocene landscapes. Human settlement interacts with the landscape in creating a new topography and draw on resources. This explorative research looked into four landscapes of extraction, drink water, geothermal water, wood and iron, in which different forms of critical relationship between nature (biotic/abiotic) and culture exist. By reading and mapping ongoing trends and projecting future change, the research engaged with a main research question which has the purpose to turn the negative effects of extreme ecologies around:How can ecosystem participation perform as a design catalyst for healthy and climate proof urban extraction landscapes? The research projects show how to move from considering ecosystems as a service towards going back into the system as a participant. Next result is then how does this affect the living in these landscapes. By working on different situations there is a methodological understanding of how this affects the field of urban design.
Original languageEnglish
PublisherDelft University of Technology
Number of pages716
Publication statusPublished - 2021

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2020—2021 IED Infrastructure and Environment Design


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