Urbanization impact on Biotope in Shanghai: a comparative study between Huangpu District and Pujin Block

Yan Song, Min Wang

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Biotopes reveal a crucial role in the urban ecology, as they positively create habitat for the biodiversity development. With the increasing severe ecological challenge of urban high-density area and rising ecological awareness, people gradually realized the importance of biodiversity and began to explore the impact of urbanization on the biotope. This study in the city of Shanghai sets the framework for a study of the relation between spatial morphology and urban biotope, aims to discuss the impact of urbanization on the urban biotope. Two of high-density urban spaces and sub-urban spaces in the context of Shanghai area were examined as case studies, Huangpu District and Pujin Block, to demonstrate the biotope situations by disparate urbanization impact. In each study area, the urban biotope mapping methodology was developed base upon a general biotope classification method adapted to urban context. Main outputs are GIS based maps representing different biotopes, showing spatial difference in each area. Seven core biotope evaluation indicators of urban biodiversity were calculated: 1) area; 2) density; 3) shape index; 4) diversity index; 5) saturation index; 6) fragmentation index; 7) value index. Huangpu District and Pujin Block, although similar in size, exhibit distinct characteristics and perform different biotope situation by the impact of urbanization. This research aims to contribute to a better understanding and promotion of the relationship between biotope and urbanization, particularly for the disciplines involved in urban landscape planning, design and management.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages1
Publication statusPublished - 2019
EventIFLA World Congress 2019 - Oslo, Norway
Duration: 18 Sep 201920 Sep 2019


ConferenceIFLA World Congress 2019
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  • biotope
  • urbanisation
  • Shanghai
  • Huangpu District
  • Pujin Block


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