Value based health care real estate strategies

DJM van der Voordt

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Subject/Research problem
The healthcare sector in the Netherlands is shifting from a governmentally steered domain towards regulated market forces and performance-based financing. Organizational changes, new ideas about care and cure, demographical developments and technological innovations play there role, too. The changing context – internally and externally - will have a strong impact on the best possible match between demand for and supply of health care real estate. Although most health care organizations are aware of the necessity to change their real estate policy, many of them lack sufficient knowledge and tools to steer on the added value of their corporate real estate.
Research Question
How can health care real estate support organizational performance? Which considerations should be included in briefing, design and management of health care real estate?
Literature review; interviewing stakeholders; analyzing documents such as strategic accommodation plans; supervision of MSc students and a PhD student conducting case studies on health care real estate strategies in practice.
This paper discusses the possible added value of hospital real estate to hospital performance. The concept of added value is illustrated by the impact of real estate interventions on costs and labour productivity and real estate as a marketing tool. Research findings from master theses show a slow but clear shift towards more value based real estate strategies. The findings will be used to further explore and test a conceptual framework of the link between real estate as a fifth resource and organizational performance.
The theoretical model and research data may be used to improve our understanding of added value of real estate. Besides, the conceptual framework can be used to support complex decision making in briefing, design and management of health care real estate.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationConference proceedings 3TU Reasearch Day: innovation in design and management of health care facilities and healty environments
EditorsDJM van der Voordt, K Dijkstra
Place of PublicationDelft
PublisherDelft University of Technology
Number of pages6
Publication statusPublished - 2009


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