Creating a Sustainable Future for Nicosia: SWAT Collaborative Workshop between TU Delft and ARC

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“SWAT Nicosia” was an intense collaborative workshop between faculty and students of Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) and the Department of Architecture [ARC], which aimed to explore new insights and directions for the sustainable city. TU Delft professor Craig Martin presented the SWAT studio programme for Nicosia, highlighting that this workshop is the preliminary development phase towards the City-zen Roadshow, which is coming to Nicosia between 8 and 15 May 2019. In this preliminary phase, students of the two Universities proposed interventions in the city, which will contribute to making it more energy efficient, while also helping to improve the quality of life of its residents and their environmental consciousness. The wider 22million EU funded Roadshow project is set to visit 10 cities in 10 countries in 2019, bringing together internationally recognised experts with local residents, municipalities and stakeholders to explore new ideas. Head of Department, Markella Menikou, introduced the group of students and young architects who participated in the SWAT workshop, stressing in parallel the great importance of this collaboration. “Graduates of the Department together with a group of 5th and 3rd year students collaborated with a TU Delft postgraduate student for two weeks and drew up proposals for “A Sustainable Future for Nicosia “. The group presented its proposals and then discussed these with attendees.

Period13 Mar 2019

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Media coverage


  • Sustainable city
  • Collaborative learning
  • Co-creation design
  • Urban design
  • Energy transition
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