Got big ideas to improve Preston? The City-zen Roadshow wants to hear them

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People are being invited to share their ideas on how they’d like to change or improve Preston to make it a more sustainable and even better city to live and work in.

The City-zen Roadshow is coming to Preston for five days from 12 to 16 November and is open to anyone who is interested in coming together and creating a healthier, happier and more energy efficient Preston.

Period1 Oct 2018

Media coverage


Media coverage


TitleCity-zen 'Preston' Roadshow
LocationThe University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) & Gujarat Hindu Society , Preston, United Kingdom
Period12 Nov 2018 → 16 Nov 2018


  • Stakeholder participation
  • Clean energy
  • Zero energy
  • Low carbon
  • City vision
  • Energy transition