NWO Veni

Prize: Fellowship awarded competitively


Awarded €250,000 for the project Her Office: a historical analysis of the role of gender in the design of corporate buildings and interiors, 1950-present

A Veni is part of the NWO Talent Programme and offers newly graduated researchers the opportunity to further develop their ideas over a period of three years. The Veni is awarded by NWO every year. A total of 1,127 researchers submitted an admissible research proposal for funding. 162 of these have now been granted. The submissions were assessed by means of peer review by external experts from the disciplines concerned.
Degree of recognitionNational
Granting OrganisationsNetherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO)


  • Veni
  • Office Design
  • Gender
  • Wellbeing
  • Architectural History