Speeltuinen voor de verbeelding: Een essay over daken

Translated title of the contribution: Playgrounds for the Imagination: An Essay on Rooftops

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Wherein lies the attraction of the roof? Why is it always an adventure to enter a roof, to become part of the skyline or peek over the edge, as if you had suddenly surfaced from something you had been unknowingly immersed in all along? For the occasion of the Rotterdamse Dakendagen 2019, Sereh Mandias looks for an answer to these questions. The essay explores the possibilities of the flat roof and the different ways in which these have been transformed into architecture – touching upon various points in history and loosely accompanied by a number of buildings by French-Swiss architect Le Corbusier.
Translated title of the contributionPlaygrounds for the Imagination: An Essay on Rooftops
Original languageMultiple languages
Place of PublicationRotterdam
PublisherRotterdamse Dakendagen
Commissioning bodyRotterdamse Dakendagen
Number of pages24
Publication statusPublished - 2019

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Sereh Mandias Rotterdam, Netherlands
Rotterdamse Dakendagen asked architecture critic Sereh Mandias (TU Delft) to write an essay about the use of rooftops throughout history from an architecture-historical point of view. She will share the result in an opening speech. Participants will also receive the essay as a booklet. From Mesopotamia and the hanging gardens of Babylon to Le Corbusier and the current position of rooftops.


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