Data presented in the paper: Subsidence reveals potential impacts of future sea level rise on inhabited mangrove coasts

  • Celine E.J. van Bijsterveldt (Creator)
  • P.M.J. Herman (Creator)
  • B.K. van Wesenbeeck (Creator)
  • Sri Ramadhani (Creator)
  • Tom S. Heuts (Creator)
  • Corinne van Starrenburg (Creator)
  • S.A.J. Tas (Creator)
  • Annisa Triyanti (Creator)
  • Muhammad Helmi (Creator)
  • Femke H. Tonneijck (Creator)
  • Tjeerd J. Bouma (Creator)



To shed light on the future of low-lying rural areas in the face of sea level rise, we studied a 20 km long rural coastline neighbouring a sinking city in Indonesia (8 – 20 cm yr-1), hereafter called studyarea. Through the collection of data across 7 main topics, we show that villages experienced significant RSLR near the city. Mangroves also experienced RSLR near the city, although to a lesser degree, and were able to respond to RSLR rates 4.3 cm yr-1 through various root adaptations. The seven main investigated topics, and their respective datasets:

0. village population migration
1. village house experienced RSLR
2. mangrove experienced RSLR
2a. mangrove experienced RSLR
2b. rainfall data
3. foreshore dynamics
4. mangrove bed-level dynamics based on pneumatophore markings
5. mangrove root acclimation
5.1. pneumatophore markings (same dataset as 4.)
5.2. rootmat formation
5.3. sedimentation experiment
6. lateral mangrove die-back
6.1. dead trees and summary of all datasets as used in Figure 4 of the manuscript
6.2. pneumatophore mortality (same dataset as 4.)

Bibliographical note

contributor: NIOZ Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research, Department of Estuarine and Delta Systems (EDS), The Netherlands
contributor: Utrecht University, Department of Physical Geography, The Netherlands
contributor: Deltares, Unit for Marine and Coastal Systems, The Netherlands
contributor: Delft University of Technology, Department of Hydraulic Engineering, The Netherlands
contributor: Utrecht University, Copernicus Institute for Sustainable Development, The Netherlands
contributor: Universitas Diponegoro, Oceanography Department, Indonesia
contributor: Wetlands International, Indonesia and The Netherlands
creator: Celine van Bijsterveldt
creator: Sri Ramadhani
creator: Tom S. Heuts
creator: Corinne van Starrenburg
creator: Silke Tas
creator: Annisa Triyanti
creator: muhammad helmi
creator: Femke H. Tonneijck
Date made available29 Aug 2023
PublisherTU Delft - 4TU.ResearchData
Date of data production2023
Geographical coverageThe rural coastal area that stretches from the coastal plain East of Semarang harbour (-06°56'47.40" S, 110°26'45.46" E), to the Wulan delta (-06°44'55.54" S, 110°33'57.70" E)

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