Data underlying the article: A Water-free In Situ HF Treatment of InP Quantum Dots

  • R.F. Ubbink (Creator)
  • G.P.F. Gonçalves Pereira Fonseca DeAl (Creator)
  • H. Iziyi (Creator)
  • I. du Fossé (Creator)
  • R.A.H. Verkleij (Creator)
  • S. Ganapathy (Creator)
  • ERH van Eck (Creator)
  • A.J. Houtepen (Creator)



This dataset contains the data underlying the article "A Water-free In Situ HF Treatment of InP Quantum Dots". In this article, treatment of InP quantum dots is performed, after which optical and structural analysis is performed using various techniques. This dataset includes all the raw data of this analysis. A number of different techniques were used, including absorbance measurements, photoluminescence measurements, solution and solid state NMR analysis, XPS analysis and XRD analysis. Of these, raw data are provided. In the readme file, a short description can be found on the interpretation of these data. All data is formatted as .txt files, except the NMR data, which is included as raw fid files. In addition, the results of various DFT calculations are included. These include density of states results, coop calculations and MO data. For the DFT data, python scripts are included for the analysis and interpretation.
Date made available10 Oct 2023
PublisherTU Delft - 4TU.ResearchData
Date of data production2023 -

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