Data underlying the research of laminar-turbulent transition in single-phase and particle-laden pipe flow



This data set contains laminar-turbulent transition curves of single-phase and particle-laden pipe flow experiments performed at Delft University of Technology, as part of the ERC Consolidator Grant No. 725183 “OpaqueFlows.”
The purpose of these experiments was to investigate the onset of turbulence in particle-laden pipe flows. To this end, the particle-to-pipe diameter ratio (d/D) and particle volume fraction (φ) were varied. The total data set consists of eight different files (.txt). Two files contain the single-phase transition curves (Re vs. f) obtained in the 10.00±0.01 mm and the 19.98±0.06 mm diameter pipe flow facility. The remaining files contain transition curves (Re_s vs. f) for constant d/D and increasing φ. Note that Reynolds number for the particle-laden cases is based on the suspension viscosity, determined using Eilers viscosity model. An overview of the data files is given below. Details about the experimental setups and measurement procedures can be found in the dissertation of W.J. Hogendoorn, available at:
Date made available12 Nov 2021
PublisherTU Delft - 4TU.ResearchData
Temporal coverage2017 - 2021

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